Forum for Community Engagement

We build bridges between the university and schools/preschools.

This is FoSam

FoSam is an arena for regional collaboration between Uppsala University and eight municipalities: Enköping, Heby, Håbo, Knivsta, Sigtuna, Tierp, Uppsala and Östhammar. The operations initiate/support/propel mutually enriching collaborative projects, primarily in research and with a focus on professional development and operational improvement in the field of preschools/schools. The goal is to contribute to increased goal attainment in preschools/schools, as well as improved quality and relevance of research and teacher education at Uppsala University. 

FoSam is jointly funded by Uppsala University through the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the member municipalities. The faculty accounts for 50% of the funding and the participating municipalities account for the remaining 50%. The municipalities contribute SEK 2 per municipal resident and year. FoSam is led by the coordinator (division manager) and has a board of directors composed of representatives from the municipalities and the university.

FoSam’s initiatives include subject-didactic networks (regional development groups), on-site research and development projects including research circles, partnership checks for member municipalities, network for municipal coordinators for skills development initiatives for staff who work with recently arrived immigrants, and alumni and student partnerships, including the meeting place Lärarcafé.

For the initiation of collaborative projects in the issues prioritised by principals and other potential partners, AIMday Livslångt Lärande (AIMday Lifelong Learning) is carried out every three years. An important part of FoSam’s work is communication and the dissemination of the results of collaborative projects where development initiatives take place via digital collaboration arenas, including a university-wide website for school collaborations.

The page of FoSam is mainly in swedish.

Last modified: 2022-06-07